The Fr Mladen Hrkac Charity from Croatia and partners (including scientific organizations: Institute of social sciences Ivo Pilar, Catholic University of Croatia, Institute for migration and ethnic studies), are implementing the project ZA-JEDNO. HR, that deals with the topic of Croatian Diaspora. The first part of the project is important scientific research within which the survey is conducted.

Please donate a little of your time to fill in questionnaires through which they are asking to hear the voice of Croats in Diaspora.

This research is in our national interest, because it is going to provide an indisputable scientifically based foundation for the improvement of public policies that regulate the relationship between Emigration and Homeland Croatia.

Many thanks in advance!

*QUESTIONNAIRE 1 – Promotion of the Republic of Croatia’s economic interests and cultural identity in the world by various networks of Croatian emigrant communities and associations*

(Survey is conducted among Croatian emigrants and persons of Croatian origin older than 15 years):

*QUESTIONNAIRE 2 – The social and lobbying potential of Croatian diaspora communities and associations according to their historical and cultural heritage and status in the countries of emigration*

(Survey is conducted among Croatian emigrants and persons of Croatian origin older than 18 years) :

*Please be kind and help the elderly to take part in the on-line survey too!*

Complete information, and research results will be published and available to the public.

In you have any questions, feel free to contact:

For further information about the Project ZA-JEDNO.HR, visit:

This project’s web site will be available in 2022 at