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scholar-tomislavKING TOMISLAV ($100,000+)

King Tomislav was a ruler of Croatia in the Middle Ages. He reigned from 910 until 928, first as Duke of Dalmatian Croatia from 910 until 925, and then he became the first King of the Croatian Kingdom in 925 and reigned until 928. He is celebrated as the founder of the first Croatian state, uniting the Croats of Dalmatia and the Slavs of Pannonia into a single Kingdom. He ruled over the territory of today’s Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, rounding off his state from the Adriatic Sea to the Drava River, and from the Raša River in Istria to the Drina River.


scholar-jelenaQUEEN JELENA ($50,000 – $99,999)

Jelena of Zadar was the queen consort of the Kingdom of Croatia, as the wife of King Michael Krešimir II, from 946 to 969, a period which was allegedly marked by “peace, order and expeditious growth”. She became the queen of Croatia after her husband died and reigned until her death in 976. Also known as “mother of orphans and protectress of widows”, she was revered by her subjects and most adored for her charity and known for bringing peace to the Kingdom.


scholar-petarKING PETAR KREŠIMIR IV ($25,000 – $49,999)

Petar Krešimir IV was a notably energetic King of Croatia from 1059 until his death in 1075. He was the last great ruler of the Krešimirović branch of the House of Trpimirović. Under his rule the Croatian realm reached its peak territorially, expanding Croatia along the Adriatic coastland and in the mainland eastwards and bringing Slavonia into the Croatian fold. This expansion earned him the sobriquet “the Great”.


scholar-dmitarKING DMITAR ZVONIMIR ($10,000 – $24,999)

Dmitar Zvonimir was King of Croatia from 1076 until his death. He also ruled as Ban of Slavonia (1064 to 1074), and was named Duke of Croatia in around 1075. His native name was Zvonimir, while the name Dmitar was adopted at his coronation. He took a hard line against the Byzantine Empire. He was the last native king who exerted any real power over the entire Croatian state, which he inherited at its height and ruled it from the city of Knin.


scholar-banimirPRINCE BRANIMIR  ($5000 – $9,999)

Branimir was a ruler of Dalmatian Croatia who reigned as Knez from 879 to 892. He was recognized by Pope John VIII as the Duke of the Croats. During his reign, Croatia retained its sovereignty from both Frankish and Byzantine rule, and became a fully recognized state.


scholar-nikolaNIKOLA ŠUBIĆ ZRINSKI  ($2500 – $4999)

Nikola Šubić Zrinski was a Croatian nobleman and general in service of the Habsburg Monarchy, Ban of Croatia from 1542 to 1556, and member of the Zrinski noble family. He was known across Europe for his involvement with the Battle of Szigetvár and is today seen as a hero by both Hungarians and Croatians.


scholar-viceroyVICEROY JOSIP JELAČIĆ ($1,000 – $2499)

Viceroy Josip Jelačić of Bužim was the Ban of Croatia from 1848 to 1859. He was a member of the House of Jelačić and a noted army general, remembered for his military campaigns during the Revolutions of 1848 and for his abolition of serfdom in Croatia. On April 19, 1848, he proclaimed the union of Croatian provinces, and the separation from the Kingdom of Hungary.


scholar-markoMARKO MARULIĆ ($500 – $999)

Marko Marulić (1450-1524) was a Croatian moral philosopher and poet and Christian humanist, known as the Crown of the Croatian Medieval Age and the father of the Croatian Renaissance. He is one of the most important figures in Croatian literature. He was also the first to use the term “psychology” in his Latin treatise, Psichiologia de ratione animae humanae.