One Croatia Initiative: General Hospital in Sisak Received a Top-of-the-Line Anesthesia Machine

The General Hospital in Sisak yesterday received a top-of-the-line anesthesia machine, which was identified by the hospital as their greatest need, to be used for operations on the “sickest of the sick” as well as the most vulnerable (preemies).

This is just the first of four deliveries (including an ambulance and other medical and rescue equipment) to be made over the next few weeks from the approximately C$280,000 (US$225,000) in donations contributed by Croatians around the world (through the “ONE CROATIA” Initiative by way of the ACAP Foundation) to earthquake relief efforts in the Banovina area.

The Canadian-Croatian Chamber of Commerce is proud to be a founding member of the “ONE CROATIA“ Initiative (along with ACAP and Crodiaspora) – an allied effort for earthquake relief that has grown to a global scale, uniting some 30 Croatian associations worldwide.

An accounting will be presented by us following completion of all of the deliveries to ensure full transparency as to how donations have been used.

Thank you to all who generously contributed to the fundraising success of the “One Croatia” Initiative and worked tirelessly to make this contribution a reality. We are so proud to see so many organizations come together in this manner – a reminder of our unity in the 1990s during the Croatian War of Independence – and the first of many future projects together.

Together, we make success.