Introducing Uchenna Academy

Uchenna Academy is a Prep School located in Toronto with a high-performance basketball program. They prepare middle and high school students for University through a STEAM and Sport learning approach.

The student to teacher ratio is kept at 10:1 or below each term, allowing teachers to provide more one on one instruction. They are also developing soccer and volleyball programs.

Claudia Mandekic is the Academic Director and invites you to visit and explore the possibilities at Uchenna Academy.

I hold the title of the Academic Director at Uchenna Academy, an independent school in Toronto. I oversee the development of the school’s curriculum, which includes Croatian studies in grade 12, as well as Advanced Placement in select subjects. I have also developed our International Students program and hope to welcome Croatian students to our community school. Uchenna Academy’s mission aligns with my beliefs about the importance of academics and athletics to the overall well-being of youth. Also, Uchenna Academy believes that students need a multi-perspective world-views embedded in the curriculum since our future requires us all to know our past. 

Mathematics has been an important component of my academic success. When I immigrated to Canada in grade eight, all of my language challenges came to a halt in math class. As I learned to navigate the novel school system, math allowed me to excel and maintain academic recognition. English, which I was still attempting to learn to read and speak, was not a prerequisite to do well in math. Thus, math allowed me to fit in regardless of the English language barrier that excluded me from participating in most of my other classes. This wonderful relationship with mathematics has proliferated into a pursuit of a teaching career. 

Recently, I graduated with a Master of Arts from the University of Toronto. My research study investigates the efficacy of a movement-based mathematics intervention on mathematics ability, confidence and knowledge in middle school students. I know math has the potential to break barriers, and I want to offer the opportunities and experiences I have had to the students that have not developed a passion for mathematics yet. Sport has the potential to break barriers too. I have been fortunate to work with athletic coaches who have experienced sports in much the same way I experienced mathematics. We believe mathematics and sports offer benefits unmatched with either discipline alone. 

Contact Claudia to learn more at:

Claudia Mandekic, BSc., BEd., OCT, MA
Academic Director, Uchenna Academy
1205 St. Clair Ave. W. Suite 106, Toronto ON, M6E-1B5

E: | O: 416.855.5572

Mandekic, Claudia – Uchenna Academy High School