Global Croatian Earthquake Relief Update – ONE CROATIA

Six hours after the devastating earthquake that struck the towns of Petrinja, Glina, and Sisak, Croatian associations from around the world met via Zoom to work together to coordinate the GoFundMe Charity Croatia Earthquake Relief Fund and formulate a plan of on going support. This is the first time since the Homeland War that Croatian communities abroad are so united for a common cause.

Through weekly meetings with professionals on the ground and our team (since December 29, 2020), we have collectively identified funding priorities:

Phase I
Emergency Ambulance Vehicle (with 4×4 drive) for Petrinja and an Anesthesia Machine for Sisak General Hospital
(in the process of implementation)

Since the hospital in Petrinja and six out of eight buildings of the hospital in Sisak are completely destroyed, emergency services are experiencing a great strain on their resources (as most patients have to be transported to Zagreb rather than treated locally). The wait time for an ambulance regularly exceeds an hour. There is currently only one existing ambulance with a 4×4 drive capable of reaching remote villages in mountainous areas, this will be the second such ambulance and will greatly reduce the wait time for emergency services.

The Sisak hospital has identified an anesthesia machine (that can also be used as an ICU respirator) as their #1 priority. With the purchase of this anesthesia machine and a Schiller defibrillator (for the new ambulance) from the Dräger company, the ambulance will also be equipped with a transport respirator, which will be a direct donation from the from the Dräger company.

Approximate cost: $185,000 USD

Phase II
Safety and Basic Equipment for Volunteer Firefighters, Mountain Rescue, and Structural Engineers
(ready to deploy as soon as all funds are available)

Leaving their families and jobs behind to help those in need, the volunteer firemen, mountain rescue, and structural engineers have become the unsung heroes in the aftermath of the earthquakes. Unfortunately, many of them have also been injured by collapsing structures during their efforts. Our donation of safety and basic equipment seeks to protect those who protect others and help support their ongoing and selfless determination to help those affected.

Approximate cost: $65,000 USD

Phase III
Children’s Home “Vrbina”
(our long term commitment)

Children’s Home “Vrbina” cares for 25 children who do not have families or whose families cannot support them. The home was completely destroyed in the earthquake and the children were relocated to other facilities. Our donation seeks to help return the children to their schools and their town by building a prefabricated home. Once their facilities are rebuilt by the government, this prefabricated home will be used to house older children (aged 14-18) to teach them independent living skills.

In addition to the monetary donation, we have arranged with the Home to pair their children with children in the diaspora (creating a modern version of the Pen Pal program). Our goal is to build positive relationships and foster an appreciation for our culture through education and the exchange of communication.

Approximate cost: $55,000 USD (or more if additional funds are raised)

If you have not yet donated, and are in position to do so, please consider contributing:

GoFundMe Charity to the Croatia Earthquake Relief Fund

We profoundly thank everyone who has supported our relief efforts!