John Marion

John Marion is the President and founder of Baka Communications, Inc., established in 1985. He has been at the forefront of the wireless industry since the inception of the Bell cellular network in Canada. John is an innovator, visionary and is passionate for creating solutions for customers by meeting the current and future demands of the wireless industry and business requirements.

Through John’s dedication to excellence, Baka has emerged as a leader in the industry and it is recognized by Baka’s numerous awards and firsts. Baka was the first to have a cellular retail location in North America, first to have a Business to Business ordering portal and 10 years ago Baka designed a mobile hotspot solution for one of our clients. As new wireless platforms and technologies shape the future and change the way people communicate, John has always upheld Baka’s mission to provide the highest level of service to our clients at all levels of business while keeping wireless simplified.

John has created a strong and successful company by having a workplace environment that is vibrant and energetic. Baka strives to make ours a unique environment by encouraging a life-long learning and fostering a sense of corporate pride. As a result, Baka has built a long lasting relationship with our staff and customers creating vendor-client stability.