Fundraising for Father Kamber Park, Streetsville, ON

Father Kamber Park needs your help.

Work is underway to revitalize the Father Kamber Croatian Park after years of inactivity due to ice damage.

Thanks to donations made by Mississauga Croatia Soccer Club (MCSC), they have already seen progress in levelling and seeding the fields, as well as being able to ensure sprinklers are available to keep everything watered.

As they continue to raise funds to make upgrades to the park, they  have created a GoFundMe page to make it easier to donate to the cause!

All of the funds through the GoFundMe will go towards planning future projects like the road rehabilitation (already under way), a new pavilion and a new turf soccer field.

Please consider donating towards the revitalization of Father Kamber Croatian Park and share the news with friends and family, so we can all work together to ensure this park continues to thrive for future generations to enjoy.

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